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CEO, Accountable Manager
Airline captain, ret’d
Helicopter Maintenance Technician

Anssi is the leader and Co-Founder of Scandinavian Seaplanes OY/AB. Prior to this, he was in charge for international fairs, trade and marketing of Atol Avion Oy in Finland, before becoming Chairman of the board. Anssi has worked in Aviation since graduating from high school. He did his compulsory military service in Finnish Air force and started a professional military career at the Finnish Coast Guard soon after. There he worked as licenced flight- and maintenance technician with SAR helicopters for 8 years. As flying was close to his heart, it was natural to seek for higher altitudes. He applied and was approved to Finnair Flight Academy and served as commercial pilot flying both passengers and cargo all around the globe for 27 years. Anssi is now retired from Finnair and concentrates fully on running the Scandinavian Seaplanes. Anssi has kept flying during retirement, he flew the first Aurora- prototype and maintains a PPL with a seaplane rating.


Quality Manager

Flight Test Engineer

MSc Aeronautical Engineering

Raimo looks after the Quality and Safety Management Systems at Scandinavian Seaplanes. He is also the computer wizard of the company. Prior to this career, he worked as a Flight Test Engineer at the Finnish Airforce Flight Test Centre and he will also participate in flight testing of our products. 


MSc Aeronautical engineering

Captain (airlines, VIP-charters, seaplanes)

Risto looks at the big picture and keeps the development and production of the Aurora on track. He also supports Anssi and the Design Organisation in various duties, mostly with our manuals and test flight program.   


Risto brings professional pilot and engineer experience to Scandinavian Seaplanes (military aviation, seaplane flying, airlines and VIP-charters). He has also conceived the electric amphibian that will be developed by Scandinavian Seaplanes after the Aurora.


Head of Design Organisation

MSc in Aeronautical Engineering

Kari is the heart and soul of our design office and has, in addition to superb engineering skills, a wide practical knowledge of Atol Aurora-amphibian. Kari is also a seaplane-rated private pilot.


Kari has extensive experience in various areas of aviation technology:

FiAF, PIK flying club (maintenance hands on)

Finnair technical office (engineer trainee)

Valmet Aviation Factory (fitter trainee)

Finnish CAA (inspector trainee)

Helsinki University of Technology (composites research, aircraft modifications for a research aircraft, composite repair training for FiAF)

Atol Avion (DE, HOA, HDO)


Toni has worked on the Aurora-project for many years in several roles and currently works as a production manager at Scandinavian Seaplanes. Toni is a professional maintenance engineer and postholder, with the following qualifications:


-Diamond type training (DA40/DA42/DA62/AE)
-Cirrus type training (SR22/SR22T)

-Continental Diesel (TAE125 series and Centurion 3.0 training)


CAA approvals

● Part-145 exam; Regulation 1321
● Part-21 exam; Regulation 748


Experienced aircraft engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry. 
Skilled in Aircraft Maintenance, General Aviation, Management, Project Management, and Project Planning.

Kari K

Scandinavian Seaplanes Oy, Kari Kannisto, COO

Mechanician, Engineer, MBA, Property Manager


Tel. +358 (0)400 128150



As a chief operating officer Kari Kannisto is taking care of daily administrative and operational functions of a business. Kari has a long international expertise and experience from working as enterpriser and many different kinds of technical and financial management positions.

The team

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