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Looking for an LSA aircraft? 

Looking for a seaplane? 

Looking for range and payload?

Don’t look any futher – Atol Aurora is a modern 2 seater amphibian which is versatile, reliable and light.

  • Atol Aurora can be operated on water, snow and land, even on the same flight!

  • Atol Aurora has no floats, which results in less drag, weight and better center of gravity.

  • Easy and safe to fly – excellent also for flight training


Atol Aurora - Engineered for Freedom!

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Atol Aurora

Most structure of Atol Aurora is made of Wood Composite - a material that is strong, light and easy to repair!

It´s a small carbon footprint, environmentally friendly product!


  • Empty Weight: 377 kg (830 lb)

  • Maximum Weight:  650 kg (1430 lb)

  • Useful load: 273 kg (600lb)

  • Take-off Distance from water at MTOW over 15m (50 ft) obstacle 457 m (1500ft)

  • Engine Rotax 912 iS Sport

  • Propeller 1720 mm (68”) three-blade fixed pitch propeller

  • Stall speed 74km/h (40kts)

  • Cruise speed 86 kts (160 km/h)

  • Fuel capacity 80 litres (21,1 US gal)

  • Fuel consumption: 4,2gal/h at 86kts

  • Range at 160 km/h: 800 km (430 nm)

  • Endurance: 5 hours

  • Cruise speed 160 km/h (86 kts)

  • Fuel capacity 80 litres (21,1 US gal)

  • Fuel consumption: 16 l/h at 160 km/h (4,2gal/h at 86 kts)

About us

Scandinavian Seaplanes Oy bought the rights for Atol Aurora and all assets of Atol Avion Oy after it was filed for bankruptcy on February 2021. The company is founded by two Swedish entrepreneers and Anssi Rekula, a co-founder of Atol Avion. The production line is under construction in Halli Airport, Jämsä 

Finland. We are proud to make Atol Aurora fly again.

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