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How much will Atol Aviation's Aurora LSA plane cost?

For the price of 249 500€ one can be yours. 


When can I preorder my Aurora LSA?

We are opening our order book during Q2 of 2022, but for early birds we will make an offer with special terms - contact us now!

After I have preordered my Aurora, how long will I need to wait for it to be delivered? 

Our first planes are planned to roll off the assembly line in the autumn of 2022.

What does it take to operate an Aurora LSA?

Fuel consumption is about 15 to 18l/h and the engine needs an oil change every 100 hours. Local prices and fees will however determine the overall operational cost.

How should the Aurora LSA be serviced?

Most of the service can be done by the owner, but for major overhauls a licenced mechanic needs to be involved.

What is the plane's main building material?

Our Aurora is mainly built out of wood; especifically spruce and birch.

Will the Aurora LSA be certified?

Yes, we are currently working with EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) to obtain an LSA certification, after wich we will apply for an FAA certification.

Is wood a good construction material for planes?

To quote the LAA (Light Aircraft Association): "It is stronger for its weight than any other material except for certain alloy steels". (LAA, 'AIRCRAFT WOOD INFORMATION', TL 1.14 Issue 2 1 Jan 2008). Wood does not corrode. Wooden structure stands impacts well, and is easy to repair. Wood has been used in aviation since its inception, and with Atol since 1988 and is still today a good choice.

What is the Aurora LSA's endurance? 

You can fly for up to 6 hours with our Aurora.

How much payload can Atol Aviation's LSA handle?

We designed the plane to be able to cope with 275kg of payload

What is the Aurora's cruise speed and its fuel consumption when cruising? Estimated cruise speed is 164 km/h  (88,5 knts), and consumption depends on weight and speed, but varies between 14-18 l/h

What type of avionics will the Aurora have onboard?

We have chosen the versitile Garmin G3X Touch™  system with two displays (one 10.6’’ and one 7’’).

Costs and operations


Construction & build material



Where can I preorder, or get more information about the plane?

Just send us an email. You can reach us at:

Why should I buy an Aurora LSA from Atol Aviation?

Because it is a plane with predicatable and stable characteristics, on water as well as in the air, which makes it a great training plane. Also because the Aurora has a very favourable combination of low operational costs, payload, range and versatility of usage (easy access through front fuselage and folding wings). It also has smaller carbon footprint (wood material and low fuel consumption) to name a few.

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